Unleashing Enhanced Safety Rewards with Scratchie and HammerTech: A Revolutionary Partnership

Discover the revolutionary partnership between Scratchie and HammerTech, merging safety rewards with compliance for a holistic safety solution. The integration improves safety attitudes and practices, fostering a stronger safety culture in the construction industry.
June 16, 2023
James Kell
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In an industry where safety is paramount, Scratchie and HammerTech have joined forces to set a new benchmark. The integration of Scratchie’s innovative safety rewards system with HammerTech’s leading health, safety, environmental, and quality (HSEQ) platform heralds a game-changing evolution in construction safety.

With HammerTech, construction companies have long been able to centralize safety processes, inspections, and compliance matters, replacing disparate paper-based systems and individual apps with one integrated solution. Adding Scratchie to this mix extends the platform’s capabilities even further, integrating safety rewards directly into HammerTech’s suite of products.

Now, users can instantly set up a Scratchie project from within the HammerTech platform. This seamless integration not only saves valuable time but also creates an immediate starting point for rewarding positive safety behaviors on any project. Hammertech users can now enjoy a comprehensive safety solution that not only focuses on compliance but also recognizes and rewards safe behaviors, contributing to a positive safety culture on-site.

Scratchie's unique approach has been proven to improve safety attitudes by an impressive 28%, and 96% of surveyed workers prefer its methodology. By bringing this innovative approach to Hammertech's broad user base, we're poised to make a significant impact on the industry, enhancing safety attitudes and practices across the board.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the potential of this partnership. We continue to work closely together to expand the integration, with a vision to see Scratchie available on all Hammertech devices on site. This will mean more encouragement for safe work practices and an even stronger safety culture in the construction industry.

We invite Hammertech users to explore the new Scratchie integration in their app today. For those who are yet to discover how Hammertech can revolutionize safety in your construction projects, we encourage you to learn more at Hammertech. Together, let's create safer construction sites by recognizing and rewarding safety in real time.


Q1: What does the integration between Scratchie and HammerTech mean for users?

A1: This integration means that users can now set up a Scratchie project directly from the HammerTech platform, thereby saving valuable time and instantly beginning to reward positive safety behaviors on any project. This brings together safety compliance and safety rewards under one platform, enhancing the overall safety culture.

Q2: How does Scratchie improve safety attitudes?

A2: Scratchie works on the principle of positive reinforcement. The system encourages safe behavior by rewarding workers on-the-spot for actions that promote safety. In surveys, we've found that this approach can improve safety attitudes by 28%, with 96% of workers preferring Scratchie's method.

Q3: How does this partnership benefit HammerTech users?

A3: HammerTech users now have access to an enhanced suite of safety solutions. Not only can they manage safety compliance through HammerTech, but they can also recognize and reward safe behaviors with Scratchie. This integrated approach contributes to a stronger safety culture on-site.

Q4: What's next for the Scratchie-HammerTech partnership?

A4: Both companies are working to further expand the integration, aiming to offer Scratchie on all Hammertech devices on site. This ongoing collaboration means more encouragement for safe work practices and an even stronger safety culture in the construction industry.

Q5: How can I start using Scratchie on HammerTech?

A5: Existing HammerTech users can start using Scratchie by checking out the integration button on their app. For those interested in integrating safety compliance and rewards, we encourage you to learn more about HammerTech at https://www.hammertech.com/en-au/ and see how Scratchie can fit into your safety management strategy.

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