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What is your average annual construction volume?

Hard & soft costs for projects you would run on Scratchie.

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Scratchie improves safety. But that's just the start.

Safety Enhancement
Promote safer work practices with immediate, on-the-spot rewards, fostering a proactive safety culture in the workplace.
Morale Boost
Encourage a positive work environment by recognising and rewarding good behavior, uplifting employee spirits and productivity.
Time Efficiency
Supervisors save valuable time with Scratchie's quick and easy reward issuing process, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks.
Competitive Edge
Improve your appeal to potential clients and partners with a proven commitment to safety and positive reinforcement, enhancing your business's reputation and competitiveness.
Case study

Success Story: Australia Post DC

Safety Transformation
Witnessed a significant 28% improvement in safety attitudes, demonstrating Scratchie's effectiveness in fostering a safer, more proactive work environment.
Boosted Engagement
Remarkably, 96% of workers expressed a preference for Scratchie-enabled projects, highlighting the positive impact of Scratchie on workforce morale and engagement.
Efficiency Gains
Scratchie streamlined supervision and eliminated paperwork, saving supervisors at the facility up to 2 hours a week, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
Positive Atmosphere
Scratchie's gamification elements fostered a sense of camaraderie and positivity, shifting the perception of safety from a "necessary evil" to a shared, rewarding experience.

Safety Leaders.

Our clients include some of Australia's leading companies.
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