Scratchie - an app that improves safety

Safety doesn't need to be
a punish.

Most safety processes in construction and mining are about punishments. Scratchie is about rewards.

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A safer, happier project. Really.

$0 to the project budget
Nothing needs to come out of the project budget to run the Scratchie system.
Subcontractor magnet
Subbies will want to work on the sites where Scratchie is operating.
Free app
Apple iOS and Android versions of the app can be downloaded free and used by all.
Cleaner, safer site
Rewards for positive behaviour work wherever there are humans around.
A happy site is a productive site

We said safe,
not skinny.

A smoothly-run project is easy to spot. The schedule is working, the banter is alive, things are tidy and the workers are productive. Safety is easier when workers are engaged. Scratchie contributes to creating those conditions on your site.
Average reward
On-the-spot rewards make for a workforce that asks what you want.

Let the rewards do the talking.

You can have all the positive posters you like. When workers get immediate rewards, that's when behaviour really changes.

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