Scratchie guarantees to improve your Culture Maturity Scorecard by 20%

The Culture Maturity Scorecard is set to become an important metric for builders working on government projects in NSW and VIC. Scratchie guarantees to improve a builder's Scorecard by at least 20%.
December 5, 2021
James Kell
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Most Australian builders working on government projects in New South Wales and Victoria will have heard about the Culture Maturity Scorecard, released in draft form in late 2021.

The Scorecard is a set of 20 factors that aim to measure, and through measuring improve, the cultural maturity of builders in Australia.

Culture in Construction's Three objectives

The objective, as stated on the Culture in Construction website, is to create an industry where:

1. everyone has a place and feels valued,
2. wellbeing is prioritised across all job roles, and
3. everyone has access to flexible work options and caps on working hours, so they have time for life

Projects may be won or lost on how high a builder's Scorecard is.

Image thanks Culture in Construction

Scratchie, with its emphasis on positive incentives to encourage safe working behaviours, is highly aligned with the aims of Culture in Construction.

Builders who implement Scratchie on their projects are guaranteed a 20% improvement in their Scorecard. Best of all is Scratchie costs the builder nothing.

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