Procore & Scratchie Collaboration: Elevating Safety Management Strategies in the Construction Industry

We celebrate the exciting collaboration between Procore and Scratchie, introducing a new era in construction safety management. It explores how the integration of Procore's project management capabilities and Scratchie's safety rewards system can drive a positive shift in safety culture across the construction industry.
May 17, 2023
James Kell
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Celebrating a New Era of Safety Management

The construction industry is on the cusp of a transformative moment in safety management. Today, we celebrate the powerful partnership between Procore, a leading construction project management software, and Scratchie, an innovative safety rewards app.

This collaboration signals a new era in construction safety technology, promising to raise the bar in the field of construction safety training.

The significance of this collaboration cannot be understated. By combining Procore's advanced project management capabilities with Scratchie's unique approach to safety rewards, we are set to redefine the standards of safety management in the industry.

This partnership makes it easier than ever for construction professionals to access both platforms, with a simple Procore login providing access to a suite of cutting-edge safety management tools.

Exploring the Power of Scratchie

Scratchie is blazing a trail in the realm of construction safety. Its revolutionary approach to rewarding safe behaviour is transforming the way construction companies manage safety on their sites. By providing immediate, on-the-spot rewards for safe behaviours, Scratchie is fostering a positive safety culture, making safety not just a requirement but a motivating factor for workers.

Scratchie's rewards system is based on the principle of positive reinforcement. Instead of focusing on punitive measures in the absence of safety, Scratchie takes the opposite approach - it rewards safe behaviour. This approach is backed by psychology, with research showing that rewards need to be “temporally adjacent” to the desired behaviour to be effective.

By providing immediate recognition for safe behaviour, Scratchie is helping to create an environment where safety is actively encouraged and celebrated.

The impact of Scratchie's approach goes beyond just individual construction sites. The app also aggregates data on who is being awarded, for what behaviour, by whom, and at what time.

This provides meaningful safety lead indicators that can help companies to track and improve their overall safety performance. In short, Scratchie is not just a tool for rewarding safe behaviour - it's a tool for driving a positive shift in safety culture across the entire construction industry.

Procore & Scratchie: Reinventing Safety Management

The collaboration between Procore and Scratchie is set to revolutionize the world of construction safety management. With a simple Procore login, construction professionals can now seamlessly integrate Scratchie's rewards system into their existing safety management strategies.

Integrating Rewards into Project Management

The synergy between Procore's project management capabilities and Scratchie's rewards-based approach to safety is a game-changer. It allows construction companies to streamline their safety processes, while also fostering a more positive and engaged safety culture on their sites.

Streamlining Safety Processes and Fostering Engagement

With the Scratchie app now easily accessible via Procore, construction companies can pilot Scratchie on their projects with ease. And builders already using Scratchie can rest assured that integrating with Procore will be a seamless process. This opens up a world of possibilities for companies looking to elevate their safety management strategies, making it easier than ever to create safer, healthier, and more productive construction sites.

The Synergy of Technology and Positive Reinforcement

Scratchie's integration into the Procore platform catapults construction safety technology into a new era. The melding of advanced digital capabilities with the psychology-backed approach of Scratchie creates a powerhouse of safety management strategies.

A Holistic Approach to Safety Management

Procore’s platform has always been a beacon of organization and efficiency in the construction industry. Its features provide comprehensive oversight of projects, from the planning stages to the final execution. Coupling this with Scratchie's innovative safety rewards program creates a more holistic, all-inclusive approach to safety.

Accessing Scratchie through Procore: A Seamless Integration

Through the Procore login, users can access Scratchie's functionality, issue on-the-spot rewards, and track safety performance. This feature is particularly noteworthy as it allows for the immediate recognition of safe behaviours, which, as research suggests, is crucial for effective reinforcement.

A Safer, Healthier, More Productive Construction Industry

This partnership sets the foundation for a safer, healthier, and more productive construction industry. With Scratchie and Procore joining forces, construction companies have an opportunity to elevate their safety standards and create a more engaging and encouraging work environment.

The Scratchie and Procore partnership is a testament to the power of technology in advancing safety in the construction industry. By combining Procore's project management capabilities with Scratchie's unique approach to safety recognition, we can expect to see a significant shift in the safety culture of construction sites.

The Future of Construction Safety Training

This collaboration between Scratchie and Procore holds immense potential for the future of construction safety training. The integration of a rewards system within a project management platform could open up new avenues for safety training, making it more engaging, effective, and rewarding.

Imagine a world where safety training isn't just a necessary evil but a motivating factor that encourages workers to actively participate in safety measures. That's the future this partnership is working towards. It's a future where construction safety training isn't just about compliance, but about creating a positive safety culture where everyone is actively involved.

Safety Becomes Rewarding

With the Procore and Scratchie partnership, safety becomes rewarding. The combination of powerful construction safety technology with a unique approach to positive reinforcement promises a new era of safety management in the construction industry.

With a simple Procore login, construction companies can now reap the benefits of this synergy. By implementing Scratchie's rewarding system into their safety management strategies, they can foster a positive safety culture that motivates and engages workers. And that's a win-win for everyone involved.

Now that you're aware of the power of the Procore and Scratchie partnership, it's time to experience it firsthand. Try out Procore and Scratchie today and see the transformative impact it can have on your construction project. Share this exciting news within your network and let's work together to make construction sites safer, healthier, and more productive than ever. Let's make safety rewarding!


1. What is Scratchie and how can it enhance our safety management efforts?

Scratchie is a safety rewards app that promotes safe behaviors in the construction industry. By providing immediate, on-the-spot rewards for safe actions, Scratchie helps foster a positive safety culture at construction sites. It complements Procore's project management capabilities, providing a more holistic approach to safety management.

2. How does the integration between Procore and Scratchie work?

With a Procore login, users can access the Scratchie app backenddirectly within the Procore platform. This seamless integration allows you to upload Procore project data directly into Scratchie, saving the establishment time for a new project. Future phases will provide even deeper integration between the platforms.

3. What do I need to start a pilot of Scratchie on one of my Procore projects?

To start a pilot, all you need is a Procore account and the Scratchie app. You can access Scratchie directly through your Procore login, making it easy to trial the safety rewards system on your projects.

4. Will Scratchie disrupt our current safety processes?

Not at all. Scratchie is designed to complement your existing safety processes, not disrupt them. Its rewards system can easily be integrated into your current safety protocols, providing an additional layer of motivation for safe behaviors.

5. How can Scratchie's safety rewards system help improve our overall safety culture?

By rewarding safe behaviors immediately and on-the-spot, Scratchie encourages workers to be more safety-conscious. This positive reinforcement can help foster a safety culture where safe practices are actively encouraged and celebrated.

6. How does Scratchie track safety performance?

Scratchie aggregates data on who is being awarded, for what behavior, by whom, and at what time. This valuable data provides meaningful safety lead indicators that can help your company track and improve its overall safety performance.

7. What type of rewards does Scratchie offer and how are they issued?

Scratchie offers categorised rewards based on specific safety activities. These can be issued on-the-spot by supervisors using the Scratchie app, creating immediate positive reinforcement for safe behaviors.

8. What support is available to us during the Scratchie pilot?

Scratchie offers full support during the pilot phase. You'll have access to a dedicated support team to answer any questions, provide guidance, and help you get the most out of the safety rewards system.

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