Embracing the Future of Safety: Health and Wellbeing in the Property Industry

In the property industry, the focus over the last 20 years has been on safety. The next 20 years will embrace safety plus health & wellbeing. The industry must shift from prioritising safety and subtly addressing health, to actively promoting wellness, mental health, diversity, and culture. Scratchie represents this crucial shift, enhancing safety while promoting wellbeing for a more holistic approach.
April 6, 2023
James Kell
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The Evolving Landscape of Safety in Property Companies

The past two decades have witnessed a paradigm shift in safety practices within progressive companies. In the 80s, pioneers such as Alcoa spearheaded this transformation, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to safety and embedding it within their organisational culture. Their endeavours have inspired countless organisations to follow suit, cultivating safer and more responsible workplaces.

However, Safe Work Australia's recent data reveals a concerning trend: the effectiveness of traditional safety measures appears to have reached a plateau. This stagnation suggests that the current approaches to safety management are yielding diminishing returns.

In this context, a groundbreaking 2019 report by McKinsey shed light on the underlying issue – attitudes towards safety. As the industry grapples with the challenge of advancing beyond this impasse, it has become increasingly clear that the future lies in integrating health and wellbeing into safety practices.

Shouting "safety" while whispering "health & wellbeing"

The Next Frontier: Integrating Health and Wellbeing into Safety Practices

As the property industry trumpets its commitment to safety, the whispers surrounding health and wellbeing remain all too quiet. These whispered aspects include wellness, mental health, diversity, and culture. To achieve a truly holistic approach to safety, these whispers must be transformed into resonant calls for action.

Enter Scratchie, an innovative solution that heralds a paradigm shift in safety culture. By rewarding safe work practices, Scratchie infuses the crucial ingredient of motivation into safety management. This game-changing tool has the potential to bridge the gap between safety and health, empowering companies to not only uphold their safety standards but also foster a healthier and more productive work environment.

Case Study: Australia Post, Moorebank

Australia Post, Moorebank, developed as a joint venture between Brickworks and Goodman, built by Richard Crookes.

Scratchie has already made a tangible impact in the property sector, as evidenced by a pilot project at the Australia Post facility in Moorebank, Sydney. Developed by Goodman and built by Richard Crookes, this facility engaged Scratchie to reward safe work practices. The results were nothing short of astounding:

  • A 28% improvement in safety attitudes amongst workers, leading to better safety outcomes
  • A 96% preference amongst workers to work on a Scratchie project, promoting retention and mental wellness
  • 1-2 hours per week saved per supervisor, enhancing morale and productivity

Moreover, Scratchie's impressive 8x return on investment (ROI) speaks volumes about its efficacy. The pilot project also revealed noticeable improvements in previously difficult-to-measure aspects such as mental wellness, morale, and management-worker connection.

Scratchie's success extends beyond the property sector, with its application in high-profile infrastructure projects such as Sydney Metro and Parramatta Light Rail. These pilot projects have similarly experienced marked improvements in safety, wellness, and project morale, reinforcing Scratchie's transformative potential.

Aligning with the Values and Safety Culture of Large Listed Property Companies

Scratchie's compatibility with the core values and safety culture of large listed property companies is undeniable. In an industry that prizes sustainability, innovation, determination, and integrity, Scratchie offers a natural fit.

By championing the integration of health and wellbeing into safety practices, Scratchie exemplifies these values, making a tangible difference for companies that are eager to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The Path Forward: A Compelling Proposition for Senior Managers

For senior managers and decision-makers in large listed Australian property companies, Scratchie presents a compelling opportunity to revolutionise safety and wellbeing.

By specifying Scratchie on their developments, these companies can experience significant improvements in safety, health, wellness, and ROI – all without shouldering any additional risk.

How can this be achieved? By integrating Scratchie into the tender stage, property companies enable builders to innovate with this next wave of safety culture. This approach maintains the delineation of safety responsibilities between property developers and builders, while still allowing developers to influence safety standards throughout the construction lifecycle.

The Real-World Impact: Improving Safety and Wellbeing

Beyond the measurable improvements in safety attitudes, wellness, and ROI, Scratchie's impact extends to the intangible – fostering a positive work environment that bolsters employee satisfaction and company reputation. By placing the wellbeing of workers at the forefront, companies can enhance morale and strengthen the connection between management and workers.

In a competitive industry, the reputation of a company as an employer that prioritises the welfare of its workforce can be a significant advantage. By embracing Scratchie, property developers and builders alike signal their commitment to the health, safety, and wellbeing of their employees, earning the loyalty and respect of their workforce and industry peers.

A Future-Proof Solution for an Ever-Changing Industry

As the property industry evolves, the need for innovative solutions that address the challenges of today and tomorrow becomes paramount. In an environment where traditional safety measures are losing their potency, Scratchie offers a future-proof solution that combines safety with health and wellbeing.

By anticipating and addressing the industry's future needs, companies that embrace Scratchie are well-positioned to lead the charge in shaping the future of the property sector. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement, setting an example for others to follow and reinforcing the company's standing as a true industry leader.

Conclusion: A Natural Fit for Leading Property Companies

For large listed Australian property companies, Scratchie represents a powerful opportunity to enhance safety, health, and wellbeing without assuming any additional risk. By specifying Scratchie in their projects, these companies can experience tangible improvements in safety outcomes, employee satisfaction, and project efficiency, while reaping the benefits of an impressive ROI.

In a rapidly evolving industry, embracing Scratchie is not merely a smart move – it is an essential step towards future-proofing a company's safety culture and ensuring that it remains at the forefront of progress. By integrating Scratchie into their operations, progressive property companies can create safe, healthy, and productive environments that inspire greatness and drive the industry forward.

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Q: What is Scratchie and how does it work?

A: Scratchie is a safety rewards program designed to improve workplace safety, health, and wellbeing by fostering motivation and positive attitudes. It uses a combination of rewards, communication, and behavioural change to promote safer work practices and improve overall employee satisfaction.

Q: How can Scratchie benefit projects for major property developers like Goodman?

A: Implementing Scratchie on projects can lead to better safety outcomes, increased employee retention and mental wellness, and improved productivity. Moreover, it can help developers adhere to their values and safety culture without taking on additional risk or responsibility.

Q: Can Scratchie be applied to any type of project?

A: Yes, Scratchie has been successfully implemented in a variety of projects, including both property developments and infrastructure projects. Its versatile approach can be adapted to suit the unique needs and challenges of each project.

Q: How does Scratchie align with the values and safety culture of leading property developers?

A: Scratchie's focus on safety, health, and wellbeing aligns well with the values of major property developers, such as sustainability, innovation, determination, and integrity. By promoting a positive safety culture and encouraging employee engagement, Scratchie helps create a supportive work environment that resonates with these principles.

Q: What are the ROI and other benefits of using Scratchie on property development projects?

A: The pilot project conducted at the Australia Post facility in Moorebank, Sydney, revealed an 8x ROI for Scratchie. Additionally, there were improvements in mental wellness, morale, and management-worker relationships, which, although difficult to measure, have a significant impact on project success.

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