Building a Safer Future: The Link Between Safety Attitudes and Accident Prevention in Construction and Mining

Discover the critical link between safety attitudes and safety outcomes in the construction and mining industries. Learn how companies like Richard Crookes Constructions are achieving better safety performance by focusing on safety attitudes and how Scratchie, through its innovative app, works alongside existing safety platforms to improve safety attitudes and prevent accidents.
March 18, 2023
James Kell
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Safety in the construction and mining industries has long been a primary concern for companies and workers alike. Recent research highlights the significant impact that positive safety attitudes can have on accident prevention.

This article will delve into peer-reviewed journal papers that support this link, case studies of companies excelling in safety leadership, and how the innovative app Scratchie is transforming workplace safety by improving safety attitudes alongside existing safety platforms.

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers Finding A Link Between Safe Attitudes And Safe Outcomes

A number of peer-reviewed journals have identified a clear link between safe attitudes on site and safe outcomes. Here are four papers and their summaries.

1. "Safety training and positive safety attitude formation in the Australian construction industry"

by M Loosemore and N. Malouf, 2019 – Loosemore and Malouf's study (2019) reveals that mandatory safety training in the Australian construction industry is generally ineffective in improving safety attitudes. They suggest that incorporating more responsive, flexible, and interactive approaches could foster a stronger emotional connection with safety and ultimately enhance safety outcomes.

2. "The relationship between safety culture and safety climate and safety performance: a systematic review"

by Haji Omid Kalteh, Seyyed Bagher Mortazavi, Eesa Mohammadi & Mahmood Salesi, 2021 - The researchers in this study found a strong connection between a positive safety culture and improved safety performance in the construction industry. A positive safety culture involves fostering safe attitudes and behaviors among employees, which in turn leads to a safer work environment. The study showed that when employees have safe attitudes, the number of accidents and injuries on construction sites decreases.

3. "Relations between Safety Climate, Awareness, and Behavior in the Chinese Construction Industry: A Hierarchical Linear Investigation"

by Mudan Wang, Jun Sun, Hua Du and Cynthia Wang, 2018- This paper explores the relationship between the safety climate, safety awareness, and safety behavior of construction workers using a hierarchical linear model (HLM). The study found that a positive safety climate significantly influences both safety awareness and safety behavior among construction workers. Additionally, the research indicates that individual safety awareness has a positive impact on safety behavior, and a positive safety climate strengthens the relationship between safety awareness and safety behavior. The findings suggest that improving both individual safety awareness and organizational safety climate is crucial for reducing unsafe behavior and enhancing safety management in construction.

4. "Measuring Safety Climate in the Construction Industry: A Systematic Literature Review"

by Bumjin Han, Seunghyun Son ORCID and Sunkuk Kim, published in Sustainability in 2021 – the authors analyzed 390 research papers and identified human and environmental factors affecting safety climate. Although the factors varied slightly among studies, they discovered that a higher level of safety climate, which includes positive attitudes and behaviors towards safety, is associated with a lower accident rate at construction sites.

What these papers share is that wherever safety attitudes improve, there is a measurable improvement in safety outcomes.

Scratchie: Enhancing Safety Attitudes Alongside Existing Safety Platforms

Proven research and case studies demonstrate the importance of fostering positive safety attitudes to achieve better safety outcomes. Scratchie, an innovative app designed to work in conjunction with existing safety platforms like Procore, is the leading tool to improve safety attitudes.

Scratchie is not a safety platform itself but rather works with any safety system to enhance its effectiveness. By rewarding workers for safe behavior, Scratchie incentivizes and motivates workers to prioritize safety on the job, leading to a safer work environment and fewer accidents.

Case Study: Richard Crookes Constructions Boosts Safety Attitudes by 28%

As one of Australia's largest privately-held builders and a trailblazer in safety, Richard Crookes Constructions quickly embraced Scratchie to enhance its already outstanding safety culture. Founder Richard Crookes observed, "...we're open-minded to anything that can both improve safety and increase positivity on our sites."

Surveys showed a remarkable 28% improvement in safety attitudes, with 96% of workers expressing a preference for working on sites that implemented Scratchie. Richard Crookes Constructions utilizes the Hammertech safety platform across their enterprise, with Scratchie delivering positive safety reinforcement on key projects.


The link between safety attitudes and safety outcomes is well-established in the construction and mining industries. Companies like Richard Crookes have successfully implemented safety initiatives that focus on improving safety attitudes, resulting in better safety performance and fewer accidents.

Scratchie is a unique and powerful tool that enhances safety attitudes, working alongside any safety platform to create a safer workplace. It is the only tool specifically designed to foster positive safety attitudes by rewarding safe behavior, making it an essential addition to any construction or mining company's safety strategy.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve safety outcomes and prevent accidents in your workplace. Reach out to Scratchie for a demo and experience the transformative power of positive safety attitudes firsthand. Book a demo now at

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