A Smarter Approach to Safety: The Leading Construction Safety Platforms Reviewed (2023)

Discover the leading construction safety platforms and learn how Scratchie's integration amplifies their effectiveness. Benefit from a transferable rewards points system, social psychology principles, and a reinforced safety culture to elevate workplace safety management. Schedule a demo with Scratchie to revolutionize your approach to construction safety.
March 15, 2023
James Kell
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In the bustling world of construction, safety remains a top priority for both industry leaders and regulators. Amidst the constant hum of cranes and machinery, managing a secure worksite presents its own set of challenges.

As technology advances, businesses must adapt by investing in innovative safety solutions. These tools not only help maintain compliance with strict regulations but also cultivate a culture of vigilance and responsibility, giving companies a competitive edge in a fast-paced market.

This post features a list of the leading construction safety platforms in the industry today.

Name URL Monthly Traffic Popularity
1Breadcrumb https://www.1breadcrumb.com/ 10,000 Medium
3D Safety https://www.3dsafety.com.au/ 15,000 High
ConstructSecure https://www.constructsecure.com/ 20,000 Medium
eCompliance https://www.ecompliance.com/ 45,000 Medium-High
HCSS Safety https://www.hcss.com/ 80,000 Medium-High
Hammertech https://www.hammertechglobal.com/ 15,000 Medium
Procore https://www.procore.com/ 1,000,000 Very High
Raken https://www.rakenapp.com/ 25,000 Medium
Safesite https://www.safesitehq.com/ 40,000 High
SafetyCulture iAuditor https://www.safetyculture.com/ 600,000 Very High
SiteDocs https://www.sitedocs.com/ 35,000 Medium-High

Please note that the "Monthly Traffic" column represents approximate values and may not be completely accurate. Additionally, the "Popularity" column is a rough estimation based on user reviews, testimonials, and overall online presence, and it may not be completely accurate either.

3D Safety

A comprehensive Australian-based safety platform offering online inductions, real-time reporting, and compliance management. Streamlines safety processes and ensures compliance with Australian regulations, making it ideal for construction company executives looking for a tailored solution.


An Australian-based platform, 1Breadcrumb focuses on site access and compliance management, helping construction executives maintain a safe and compliant worksite. The platform's features include inductions, real-time reporting, and visitor tracking. 1Breadcrumb is a relative new kid on the block, experiencing tremendous growth in 2023.


A risk management platform that evaluates subcontractor performance, helping Australian construction executives mitigate risks and improve safety outcomes. ConstructSecure offers real-time data and analytics for better decision-making.


A comprehensive safety management platform providing incident reporting, training, and risk assessment tools. eCompliance helps Australian construction executives maintain a strong safety culture while ensuring compliance with local regulations.


An integrated construction safety and quality management platform, Hammertech offers Australian executives a comprehensive solution for managing permits, inspections, and incidents. The platform streamlines processes and promotes collaboration among stakeholders.


HCSS Safety

This platform offers customizable safety programs, inspections, and training modules, allowing construction companies in Australia to meet their unique safety needs. HCSS Safety helps executives streamline safety procedures while promoting a culture of safety awareness.


A leading construction management platform with robust safety features, such as incident tracking, inspections, and toolbox talks. Procore enables Australian construction companies to maintain a safe workplace while improving efficiency and reducing risks.



A user-friendly daily reporting and safety management platform, Raken enables Australian construction companies to track incidents, perform inspections, and manage toolbox talks. The platform simplifies safety processes and keeps all stakeholders informed.


A mobile-first safety platform that allows Australian construction executives to conduct inspections, report incidents, and manage safety documents. Safesite promotes real-time collaboration, enabling teams to proactively address safety issues and maintain compliance.


SafetyCulture iAuditor

A popular inspection and audit platform with customizable templates, analytics, and reporting capabilities. Australian construction executives can use iAuditor to streamline safety processes and drive continuous improvement in their safety performance.



A digital safety management platform offering paperless documentation, real-time tracking, and reporting. SiteDocs empowers Australian construction companies to improve safety processes, reduce incidents, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Scratchie, adding positive safety to leading platforms

Scratchie, a pioneer in the field of positive safety reinforcement, seamlessly integrates with an array of top construction safety platforms, including industry leader Procore, offering unparalleled value and efficacy.

By powering safety platforms with Scratchie, companies benefit from three distinct advantages:

1) a robust rewards points system that is transferable across the industry, incentivizing safe practices and fostering a culture of safety;

2) Scratchie's foundation in social psychology, ensuring the right behaviors are encouraged in the most effective manner; and

3) the guarantee of tax and legal compliance in every jurisdiction Scratchie operates in, providing construction companies with peace of mind and reliability.

Through these integrations, Scratchie elevates the capabilities of leading safety platforms, transforming the approach to construction safety management.


Selecting the right construction safety platform is essential for maintaining a safe and compliant worksite. The integration of Scratchie with these industry-leading platforms elevates their capabilities by providing a rewards system that fosters a culture of safety, leveraging social psychology to incentivize the right behaviors. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your construction safety management; book a demo with the Scratchie team today to experience firsthand how positive safety reinforcement can revolutionize your approach to workplace safety. Visit https://www.scratchie.com/book-a-demo to schedule a personalized demonstration and unlock the full potential of your safety platform.

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