8 Compelling Reasons Construction Companies Can't Ignore: Why Scratchie is the Best Rewards Platform Choice

Discover why Scratchie is the ultimate rewards platform choice for construction companies. We compare it to popular alternatives, highlighting its unique features like on-the-spot rewards, gamified safety incentives, and seamless integration with safety platforms. Improve employee engagement and well-being with Scratchie – the industry-specific solution you can't ignore.
May 1, 2023
James Kell
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Employee engagement and well-being are essential factors for any successful construction company. It's no secret that happy and motivated workers are more productive, loyal, and safety-conscious. One way to boost engagement and well-being is through well-designed rewards schemes that acknowledge employees' hard work and encourage safe behaviour on site.

In this blog post, we'll present eight compelling reasons why Scratchie is the top choice for construction companies looking to improve their rewards schemes and overall employee satisfaction.

Enhancing Construction Safety through Effective Rewards Schemes

Ensuring a safe working environment not only reduces the risk of accidents and injuries but also helps maintain a company's reputation and overall productivity. Well-designed rewards schemes can play a significant role in improving safety performance by incentivising employees to adhere to safety protocols and actively participate in safety initiatives.

Many traditional rewards schemes are either too generic or not engaging enough to motivate employees to prioritise safety. However, Scratchie's innovative platform is specifically designed to address the unique needs of the construction industry, making it the perfect choice for companies looking to enhance their safety culture and reduce accidents on site.

Comparing Major Rewards Platforms in the Infrastructure Industry

Before diving into the reasons why Scratchie is an exceptional choice for construction companies, let's take a moment to review some of the major rewards platforms currently used in the infrastructure industry. These may include Bonusly, Kudos, and others, each with their own set of features and benefits. These platforms have strengths such as improving employee engagement, facilitating peer recognition, and enhancing overall workplace satisfaction.

However, for construction and infrastructure companies seeking a tailored solution that addresses their unique challenges and needs, Scratchie delivers even more. With its industry-specific focus and customisation options, Scratchie goes above and beyond to cater to the particular requirements of the construction sector. Let's have a look at those differences.

The Scratchie Advantage: Unique Features and Benefits

Scratchie stands out from the competition with its innovative features and benefits tailored specifically for the construction and infrastructure industry. Here's a closer look at some of Scratchie's unique offerings:

1. On-the-spot rewards:

Scratchie allows supervisors to instantly recognise and reward employees for their outstanding performance and adherence to safety protocols. This immediate reinforcement ensures that employees feel valued and motivated to continue performing at their best.

2. Customisable categories:

With Scratchie, companies can create their own custom categories for rewards, ensuring that the platform aligns with their specific safety goals and priorities. This flexibility makes Scratchie the perfect solution for construction companies of all sizes and types.

3. Supervisor discretion:

Scratchie gives supervisors the discretion to decide on the appropriate rewards for their team members, allowing them to tailor the incentives to each individual's performance and needs. This personalised approach fosters a stronger connection between employees and their supervisors, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.

4. 3-press rewards:

Scratchie's user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy for supervisors to issue rewards in just three presses. This streamlined process saves time and ensures that employees receive their rewards without unnecessary delays.

5. Gamified safety incentives:

Scratchie incorporates elements of gamification into its platform, making safety initiatives more engaging and enjoyable for employees. By turning safety into a fun and competitive experience, Scratchie motivates workers to actively participate in safety initiatives and stay vigilant on site.

6. Easy integration with existing safety platforms:

Scratchie is designed to easily integrate with a company's existing safety management systems, making it a seamless addition to their current processes. This compatibility ensures that companies can effortlessly implement Scratchie without disrupting their established safety workflows.

7. Real-time data tracking:

Scratchie's platform offers real-time data tracking, providing companies with valuable insights into their employees' performance and safety behaviours. This information can be used to identify areas for improvement and inform future safety initiatives, ultimately contributing to a safer industry.

8. Scratchie improves safety outcomes:

Scratchie projects are shown to improve safety attitudes by 28% amongst workers. Several construction safety journals have established a causal link between safe work attitudes and safe outcomes. Therefore, Scratchie is a rewards platform that improves safety.

Feature Scratchie Awardco Kudos
Customizable Categories Yes No Yes
On-the-Spot Rewards Yes Yes No
Supervisor Discretion Yes No No
3-Press Rewards Yes No No
Gamified Safety App Yes No No
Easy Integration with Existing Platforms Yes Yes Yes
Real-time Data Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Improves Safety Outcomes (Construction) 28% N/A N/A
Construction Workers Prefer (%) 96% N/A N/A

Improved Employee Engagement and Retention

One of the major benefits of implementing Scratchie as your rewards platform is the positive impact it has on employee engagement and retention. The construction industry is known for its high turnover rates, and companies are constantly looking for ways to keep their workforce engaged, motivated, and loyal. Scratchie's unique features and industry-specific focus make it an ideal solution for construction companies looking to improve their employee engagement levels.

By providing on-the-spot rewards, customisable categories, and a gamified approach to safety incentives, Scratchie effectively captures the attention and interest of employees, keeping them engaged in their work and committed to maintaining a safe working environment. This increased engagement not only contributes to a stronger safety culture but also leads to higher levels of job satisfaction, ultimately reducing turnover and helping companies retain their skilled workforce.

Demonstrating a Commitment to Employee Well-being

In today's competitive construction market, companies need to do more than just offer competitive remuneration and benefits to attract and retain top talent. They must also demonstrate a genuine commitment to employee well-being and create a positive work environment where employees feel valued and supported.

By choosing Scratchie as your rewards platform, you are sending a clear message to your employees that their well-being is a priority for your company. Scratchie's industry-specific focus on construction safety and its innovative approach to rewards and recognition show that your company is invested in fostering a culture of safety, appreciation, and personal growth.

With its unique features and benefits tailored for the construction and infrastructure industry, Scratchie is the ultimate rewards platform choice for companies looking to improve their employee engagement and well-being. By implementing Scratchie, you will not only enhance your company's safety performance but also create a positive work environment that attracts and retains top talent in the industry. Don't miss out on the Scratchie advantage – make the switch today and experience the difference for yourself.


Q: What are the key differences between Scratchie, Awardco, and Kudos?

A: Scratchie, Awardco, and Kudos are all employee recognition platforms, but they differ in features and functionality. Scratchie offers customizable categories, on-the-spot rewards, supervisor discretion, 3-press rewards, a gamified safety app, and easy integration with existing platforms. Awardco provides on-the-spot rewards and easy integration with existing platforms but lacks other features present in Scratchie. Kudos offers customizable categories and easy integration with existing platforms but does not provide on-the-spot rewards or supervisor discretion.

Q: Can I use Scratchie, Awardco, or Kudos with my current employee management software?

A: Yes, all three platforms offer easy integration with existing platforms, allowing you to incorporate them seamlessly into your current employee management system.

Q: How do these platforms improve safety outcomes in the construction industry?

A: Scratchie has been proven to improve safety attitudes in the construction industry by 28%. Given many papers have established a causal link between safe attitudes and safe outcomes, Scratchie therefore improves safety outcomes. This is achieved through a gamified safety app that engages and motivates employees to follow safety protocols, resulting in fewer accidents and injuries on the job. Awardco and Kudos do not have data available for safety improvements in the construction industry.

Q: Which platform is the most popular among construction workers?

A: Scratchie is the most popular among construction workers, with 96% of surveyed workers expressing a preference for the platform. This is likely due to its unique features tailored to the construction industry, such as the gamified safety app and 3-press rewards.

Q: Are there any subscription fees or hidden costs associated with Scratchie, Awardco, or Kudos?

A: Too hard to answer here as there are different options. Each platform has its own pricing structure, which may include subscription fees or other costs. It's essential to thoroughly review the pricing information for each platform on their respective websites to determine the total cost of ownership and ensure it fits your organization's budget.

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