Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: Scratchie's Impact on Australia Post Sorting Facility

Transforming Safety and Efficiency: How Scratchie Revolutionized Australia Post's Sorting Facility, yielding a 28% improvement in safety attitudes and significant time savings for supervisors.

Australia Post
February 2023

In the bustling world of distribution facilities, safety and efficiency are paramount. Australia Post, one of the nation's leading postal services, sought innovative solutions to improve safety attitudes and streamline operations at their Western Sydney Sort Centre. This case study explores how Scratchie, the pioneering safety app, transformed the facility's work environment and achieved remarkable results.

Safety Reinforcement and Improved Attitudes:

With Scratchie's implementation, Australia Post experienced a remarkable 28% improvement in safety attitudes among its workforce. The app empowered supervisors at the sorting facility to recognise and reward employees who demonstrated positive safety behaviours promptly. Whether it was keeping work areas tidy, following safety protocols, or displaying exemplary attention to detail, Scratchie allowed instant acknowledgment through its on-the-spot rewards system.

Worker Engagement and Preference:

The impact of Scratchie extended beyond safety alone. An overwhelming 96% of workers at the Australia Post Sorting Facility expressed a preference for working on Scratchie-enabled projects. The app's gamification elements brought a refreshing and positive atmosphere to safety, creating a sense of engagement and camaraderie among employees. The immediate and tangible rewards provided by Scratchie acted as a motivational tool, boosting morale and encouraging safe practises throughout the facility.

Streamlined Supervision and Time Savings:

Supervisors at the sorting facility reported significant time savings, with Scratchie enabling them to save 1-2 hours per week. The app's intuitive interface streamlined the process of issuing awards, eliminating paperwork and administrative burdens. By providing supervisors with a user-friendly platform to create and distribute rewards, Scratchie empowered them to focus on other critical aspects of their role, such as monitoring operations and ensuring overall facility efficiency.


Scratchie's integration at the Australia Post Sorting Facility showcased the app's versatility and impact beyond the construction industry. By reinforcing safety behaviours and promoting positive attitudes, Scratchie successfully transformed the work environment, improving safety standards and employee engagement. The streamlined supervision and time savings further enhanced operational efficiency. Australia Post's adoption of Scratchie serves as a testament to the app's ability to revolutionise safety practises and foster a culture of well-being in diverse industries.

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