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We're building something pretty special.

This is about industry-changing stuff. Whether you're in the mining or construction industry, talk to us if you want to improve safety and smiles without impacting your budget.
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Positive incentive: it's a solid business case

Subcontractors need some lovin'.

When motivating contractors, the stick works sometimes, but not all the time. We all know how motivating incentives can be. But saying "nice work" only goes so far. With Scratchie, you've got a carrot. And it doesn't cost your project budget a cent.

Available on Apple and Android devices
We're in the process of building beta versions of the apps, written natively for iOS and Android.
Startup-level Customer Support
We're a startup. That's one of the founder's mobiles in the top right corner. You'll get personal service.
Our Team

Gaz and James piloted Scratchie ten years ago on the Apple Sydney store.

Garry Mansfield
James Kell

“...the safest site I've ever worked on.”

Jared, sub-foreman on the Apple Sydney store.

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